Patch Day

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Patch Day

Post by Jonkga »

BTW, of interest to those of us still playing, patch 2.4 is out today.
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Post by erilar »

Yep - thinking it was Monday, I had tried to log on this morning to check on the greens I'd been trying to auction.

Now I just need to fix all my addons before getting to play again - always a chore. Excited though - lots of cool stuff has arrived. Here's a link to WoW Insider's story on the patch notes. Looks like I have lots of good stuff to read over lunch! :D

Bummer of the notes so far: Multi-shot will continue to break CC after all. They had originally been planning on changing the rules so that multi-hit abilities didn't break CC - only AOEs would. I'm guessing this change also makes Cleave behave the way it always has, Jon.
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