Last night (possible Draenei questing spoilers)

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Last night (possible Draenei questing spoilers)

Post by Hardcorhobbs »

So, yeah that was pretty awesome last night. I picked up the end quest for the Exodar which had me follow an NPC to blow up a Draenei device the Blelfs were exploiting. Little did I know the Blelfs were all elites (the suggested players: 2 should have been a clue...)! So intense, but despite a single death I managed to hold my own. In the end we defeated the Blelf leader and now I'm a hero of the draenei! I even received a tunic from the leader of the Draenei himself! It was awesome. And now I'm level 19. I'll be questing with you guys soon! :mrgreen:
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Re: Last night (possible Draenei questing spoilers)

Post by Jonkga »


Yeah, i agree, the Draenei starting areas are quite cool, and have some great quests.
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Re: Last night (possible Draenei questing spoilers)

Post by erilar »

Blizz raised the bar on the Burning Crusade quest stories quite a bit. The BC instances are also better and more fun.

IMO, WotLK is even grander, better organized, and features more varied activities (some positively absurd and/or awesome). Professions also skill up more organically while questing.

After the Draenei starter zones, 20-60 may seem a little more ho-hum unfortunately. I'm patiently looking forward to 58.
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