Rumors of races for new expansion

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Rumors of races for new expansion

Post by Jonkga »

See here: ... #continued

And here: ... wowinsider

I gotta say, this doesn't excite me. Sure, these ideas have been floated before, but with multiple sources quoting these as really possible for the next expansion, I fear for the quality of the story. So far, Blizzard has done so well with crafting a great story, but these choice don't really make any sense with what has gone before. I've no real desire to return to the game right now, but I've invested a great deal of time over the years to it, and this seems likely to diminish the epic-ness of the game for me. Sure, I guess if all you care about is pwning noobs, tehn playing a worgen might be cool, but such an evil force on the Alliance - I don't care if it is due to a Cataclysm, it just seems way too much to me.
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Re: Rumors of races for new expansion

Post by Hardcorhobbs »

Playing as a goblin would excite me a whole lot more... if you guys played horde. I've wanted to play a goblin since day 1, but since all the high level characters in the group are alliance this is too little to late. I also agree with you Jon. I still look at the alliance as good and the horde as evil, but the more expansions that come out the more grey the lines become. Werewolves in the alliance? meh.
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Re: Rumors of races for new expansion

Post by Lars Porsenna »

I think playing a goblin is pretty cool IMHO...but why horde? Why anything? IMHO it would have been cooler for this expansion if instead of the normal horde/alliance divide, you could play Neutral characters instead, with access to both Horde as well as Alliance areas, where you can eventually build your rep to such a state that you "choose" one faction or another (or, for the canny player, play things strictly neutral, for more challenge, and making rep scores really mean something). This would make more sense for the Worgen too, with some sort of plot point that both sides are courting them for some sort of strategic requirement, etc. We'll see....

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Re: Rumors of races for new expansion

Post by erilar »

As much as a Worgen character would tickle my lycanophile fancy, I am really pretty over WoW and waiting for the Next Big Thing. Whether that's TOR, Curt Shilling's new game, or even non-MMO scale stuff (Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2), who knows?

I just want something that provides the epic sense of exploration and setting that WoW provided, but with much less repetition. I really think that means large-scale 1P content, because I don't think anyone is going to be able to fix the repetitive nature of MMOs any time soon. One just can't effect/influence a MMO world like a 1P world, and without that one is left with repetitive tasks like raids/instances.
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