How do you get GeekNews?

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How do you get GeekNews?

Post by EvilGenius »

Where do you guys frequent for geek news, if you don't mind me asking? I've been going to io9 for a while but I think the quality has declined quite a bit (several writers left and then they got bought out by Gawker Media). I occasionally check out Zergnet but it's pretty clickbait-y.

Where do you guys go?
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Re: How do you get GeekNews?

Post by setanta14 »

Facebook posts from other geeks in various RPG related groups:

The Hobby Shop Dungeon Facebook Group
The Tentacled Altar of Erol Otus
RPG map creations
Gary Gygax - Remembering the Great Dungeon Master
D&D 5E the "Next" Edition
World of GREYHAWK Adventures - AD&D RPG
Flanaess Geographical Society
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
Sages of Oerth
Erol Otus Fan Club

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Re: How do you get GeekNews?

Post by NukeHavoc »

Mostly Some io9 (but I agree, it's in decline). The rest comes from various updates I see on Twitter. I'll need to pay attention to where I'm wandering this week to see if there's any place else I'm forgetting.
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Re: How do you get GeekNews?

Post by Hardcorhobbs »

I quit going to io9 and kotaku recently. Just not happy with those sites anymore. Too blog-y and opinionated + snark. Not enough straight news IMHO. Now I get everything through ign (mostly podcasts and YouTube feeds) or Twitter.

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