Who do your A-Teamer's Serve?

The Geoff/Sterich campaign.
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Who do your A-Teamer's Serve?

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The majority of the estates granted by Grand Duke Owen III are within the county of Ystrad Cloer, which is currently leaderless (see the Primer entry previously). A few fall within other counties, which can also be referenced.

All of the Blackrazor's are considered to serve Grand Duke Owen III directly for now, but this is subject to change as Geoff becomes resettled and rebuilt.

Below are the specific counties in which your respective PC's have estates:

Aesop Not Declared

D'klar 0207 (Ystrad Cloer)

Erilar 0310 (Ystrad Cloer)

Falgar 0307 (Ystrad Cloer)

Gideon 0407 (Araul Anterth)

Greggor 0309 (Ystrad Cloer)

Kannett Not Declared

Baldwin (TWFKA K'sograh) 0812 (Eryrnyth)

Luc Not Declared (assumed to be Ystrad Cloer)

Malphas 0714 (Eryrnyth)

Moriam 0213 (Ystrad Cloer)

Ragnar 0714 (Eryrnyth)

Scrappy 0510 (Ystrad Cloer)

Tanevir Declined in favor of title only
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