Ranger NPC's

The Geoff/Sterich campaign.
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Ranger NPC's

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Cuthalion Strongbow- a 1/2 elven ranger from the Dim Forest recently appointed as the new First Ward of the Geoff Rangers. He maintains a training camp in the southern Dim Forest village of Argel to instruct war orphans to become rangers.

Hywel (Howell) Endav- a young ranger from Dwyr, Geoff's only county within the Dim Forest. He is one of the leading suitors seeking the hand of Countess Ffiona Ebontress.

Dylan of the Hornwood- the eldest surviving son of Ffagan Farshot, recently invested as the new Viscount of Cloer.

Darlon Lea- The former Count of Ffwythlon Dol and First Ward of the Geoff Rangers. Unhappy with the Gran March Army of Liberation fortifying southern Arweth and its conflict with the grey elves in the Oytwood, Darlon fed sensitive military information to the grey elves and sponsored saboteurs to destroy some of the fortifications. His activities were brought to light and has been declared a traitor to Geoff. Darlon has supposedly fled to the Dim Forest, where he remains in hiding to this day.

Cadell "Townsent"- Once a bardic student, he left his schooling to search for a lost relative (his uncle) after the giant invasion. Unsuccessful, he spent some years studying in Greyhawk and trying to seek aid for his fallen country. He recently returned to Geoff with the Geoffite scholar Ninian ap Ioseff, and the two wish to start a school in the vein of Grey College in Geoff.
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