Merwyn conversion

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Re: Merwyn conversion

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That's fine. Maybe even a little underpowered for a 15th level character.
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Re: Merwyn conversion

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Nothing crazy there. I have no problem with your list.
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Re: Merwyn conversion

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Nate -- what was the wizardly order that Merwyn belonged to in the Elemental Evil campaign? I want to say it was the Order of the Hat, but I don't have many notes from that era.
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Re: Merwyn conversion

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Yes, The Order of the Hat was part wizard's guild/part religious cult devoted to Zagyg, as they supposedly had a relic from Zagig Yragerne's mortal life at their shrine in Rastor. They would find any excuse to parade the relic down the street on its ceremonial palanquin in the Procession of the Hat.
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