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Rules Clairifications:

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I've been reading through the book to get a better grip on the rules and I've come across a few things that I'm posting here to answer questions that had come up in the last few building sessions.

Power Ranks: do not appear to be specifically limited by the campaign's power level unless they have an effect that IS specifically limited by the campaign's powerlevel.

To clarify, Blast is capped since its direct effect is damage, which is specifically limited. On the other hand, the Flight power is NOT capped at 10 ranks, since movement speed is not specifically limited by power level. Likewise, SuperSpeed is NOT capped at 10 ranks (though again alt powers such as Blast are capped). So Jon, no need to stop at a paltry 1000 mph! Crank it up baby! :)

Saving Throws are specifically capped at the campaign's power level +5, so powers that grant save bonuses (like Sensory Shield, for example), are limited to whatever rank doesn't take your overall save bonus above +15.

Upper limit on ability scores: Strength has a special cap on its level. See page 24, right column under the heading Power Level: Ability Scores. It says that ability scores are limited to a modifier of the campaign's power level +5 (modifier 15, which is a score of 40).

However, the next sentence says that Strength is limited by the Save Difficulty limit to a bonus of no higher than the campaign's power level. So Strength is limited to a +10 modifier, which is score 30-31.

This makes sense since your melee damage is calculated from your Str bonus.

So Damon, you'll have to lower Grey's Strength a bit. Sorry I didn't catch that last night. :)

Toughness Save: To clairify, on page 33 in the left column underneath the purple box showing the cost of increasing your Fort, Ref and Will saves, it states: "You can only increase Toughness saving throw bonus above your base Constitution bonus with feats and powers."

As I find more goodies, I'll post them here. :)

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