Free RPG Week: M&M Beginner's Guide (6/26 only)

For Mutants & Masterminds prep and discussion.
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Free RPG Week: M&M Beginner's Guide (6/26 only)

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For today only (6/26) you can download the Mutants & Masterminds beginners guide. Might be useful for those who haven't bought the book yet. ... rs_gui.php

I also picked up "Agents of Freedom" for $10 as a PDF, which might come in hand in our campaign.

"There are times when superheroes like the Freedom League just aren't around: that's where you come in. You're the first line of defense when a super-villain rampages through midtown or a clone army attacks the city. You hold the line and keep the city, the nation, and the world safe, and you do it without super-powers or some fancy costume.

Agents of Freedom details "agent" level characters and adventures for Mutants & Masterminds, including suggested power levels for four different styles of game, how to create agent characters, details on skill use and feats, and agent archetypes like the Dashing Spy and Hard-Nosed Commander. It also includes plenty of agent equipment, from weapons and gadgets to suped-up vehicles and secret headquarters."
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