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Play-by-Post Signup

Post by NukeHavoc »

If you're interested in doing some sort of play-by-post for the Infinity Storm campaign, post to this thread.

I envision a few different approaches people could take:

1. Solo adventure: You're off learning your powers and fighting crime in the big city:

2. Team-ups: We've had a few characters meet for the first time in Infinity Storm: Issue #0; I can easily see two of them teaming up for another adventure.

3. Backstory: Like solo adventuing, but we're filling in some hole in your backstory.

Play-by-posts should be more story heavy than combat heavy, since combats will take forever and a day online. To keep things moving, we'll be working with individual players or at most, teams of two, so we don't have to wait for others to respond to move the game forward.

Games will be run by creating a new "issue" post for a character (e.g. Spirit of Youth #1) on the Infinity Storm blog. The initial post will contain the scenario setup; all responses will be posted as comments on that blog post.

We could also do play by post in the forum, though I think that'll be a little messier (but you'll get notices when someone posts to your thread, unlike Blogger).
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Post by EvilGenius »

I'm up for this. More heroes = more better. :)
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Post by erilar »

I'd be up for trying it.
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Post by Hardcorhobbs »

I'll try it when I get a chance. Pretty busy at the moment. But I'm figuring between 0 and 1 Dragoon will be working on his Star Skimmer anyway. (Thats his rocket bike.) :wink:
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