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In related news, I'm a few hours into Overwatch and I am of mixed emotion. There's no real story/content to speak of, other than the online cinematic backstories, and that's usually a turnoff for me. But even though the gameplay is a a few battle types recycled, it's the multitude of playstyles that keeps me coming back.

There are 4 basic hero types: offense, defense, tank, and healer, but within those broad stroke archetypes, each character (6 per type?) not only functions unique from the other characters, they feel like they are built out from different games entirely? Want to play a sniper? There's one with a grappling hook who can zip to a bell tower in a flash, and fire a poison mine. There's one who can knock out a player with a sleep dart and her shots heal allies. Want to tank? There's an anime girl who rides inside a nuclear mech, there's a giant gorilla in a space suit (who's special power is raging and - pardon the pun - going ape-shit on your enemies). But the defense characters shine brightest for my gaming tastes. There's a mobile gun turret like Johnny 5 on robo-roids, there's a peg-legged pyro who drops bear traps and lobs land mines with a remote denonator, a chubby asian girl who can throw up a wall of ice to block/box in enemies while freezing them solid for your team mates to wreck with their myriad far-flung and absurdly complementary powers. I've never played with anything but randoms, but the shenanigans we could pull in a group of our own makes me smile. If anyone wants to live borrow or remotely test, let me know.
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