Ordering Minis

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Ordering Minis

Post by Lars Porsenna »

So as I discussed in gametime today, I'm looking to make another order of minis fromNorth Star Minis out of the UK.

Specifically for pulp purposes, I'm looking at Artizan Designs. This is a sub-website of North Star.

If anyone is interested in ordering anything from either Artizan's sub-site, or from the many lines carried by North Star, let me know and I'll include it in my next order...

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Re: Ordering Minis

Post by Upweekis »

Wow, those are particularly good figures. I wanna create characters just based on them. I mean "Mad Jack the Lighthouse Keeper", "Crowman", "Dr. Glockenspiel", "Tankie Bob", and, unfortunately for my fellow players, the "Cultist Flamethrower". These are really cool.

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