The Geoff/Sterich campaign.
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Nate, good stuff on friday. Cool set up. I can see a lot of opportunities from this. :)
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Re: Thanks!

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EvilGenius wrote:Nate, good stuff on friday. Cool set up. I can see a lot of opportunities from this. :)
Agreed -- great stuff. I'm sorry that Cory didn't have much to do, since so much of it was being driven by the old Geoff campaign, but it was great. Lots of memories of old adventures, plus lots of excellent setup for future campaigning. I particularly liked the integration of the Old Faith/Old Lore -- definitely makes the region distinct from our more regular stomping grounds.
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Thanks guys... I begged borrowed and stole the best of the Living Geoff material (mostly NPC's, maps, and some basic plot elements), and dove-tailed it with our own legacy of campaigning against the giants.

I know I introduced a horde of NPC's, and there will be more to come, so I started grouping them like in my previous few posts. As new things are learned, I'll just update those messages.
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Oh, no it was definitly a cool session. True, I'm not really getting as much as you guys out of it since I wasnt involved, but its great primer for the campaign. I'm looking forward to getting down and dirty in this land. I'm also looking forward to playing my character. I know I was asking Damon a lot of things, and questiong why he did certain things, but i'm just trying to understand my character. Hope I didnt offend you too much Damaon. Its totally understandable he didnt have a backstory ready, with the baby and all. I'm just trying to get into the character with only reading what I can about things on the guild site. Gives me a lot of catch-up to do. But I'm really excited about this campaign!
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