[5e conversions] Attunement

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[5e conversions] Attunement

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I think the 5e magic item attunement rules are a major component of the game that can't be ignored. Here's what the DMG has to say on the matter (p. 285)
Decide whether the item requires a character to be attuned to use its properties. Use these rules of thumb to help you decide:

[*] If having all the characters in a party pass an item around to gain its lasting benefits would be disruptive, the item should require attunement
[*] If the item grants a bonus that other items also grant, it's a good idea to require attunement so that characters don't try to collect to many of these items.
Most of the exceptional magic weapons (Holy Avenger, Frost Brand, Nine Lives Stealer) require attunement. Given Justiceseeker's exceptional abilities, I think it falls into that category as well. You could make the argument that a sword of Trithereon just wants to be free, but in this case I think the attunement represents you taking the time to get to know the sword and convince Justiceseeker that you were worthy of wielding the blade.

I do think that the attunement limit for 5e characters should be in place. As I mentioned in "The Goal" thread, I think we should be shooting for thematic conversions; For D'Klar -- for example -- that means I'd focus on his role as a battle cleric with his signature magic items being Dwarkarnytor and the Half-plate of Etherealness.
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