Change to the Shaken rule

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Change to the Shaken rule

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The last time we played Weird Pulp I vaguely recalled that there had been a change to the Shaken rule, but I couldn't recall what it was.

According to the official FAQ update it boils down to this: you don't need a raise any more to be able to act on your turn after recovering from being Shaken. A simple success is enough.


If the damage of an attack is a simple success (0-3 points
over Toughness), the target is Shaken. Shaken characters
are rattled, distracted, or momentarily shocked. They aren’t
stunned but are temporarily suppressed and may hesitate.

On their action, Shaken characters must attempt to recover
from being Shaken by making a Spirit roll:
* Failure: The character remains Shaken. She can only
perform free actions.
* Success: The character is no longer Shaken and may
act normally.

Spending Bennies: A player may spend a Benny at any
time to remove her Shaken status (even when it is not her
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