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Warhammer 40k Kill Team

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So after being out of it for 15+ years... Brendan finally got me back into 40k. All it took was the latest return of my favorite version, the skirmish based kill team.

Back in the day it was a small squad. You could have bikes and a small tank along side your dudes. Now it’s down to a crack team of 3-20 models (depending on who/what you take). The best part is it’s all in one inclusive $40 book. (Before you would need the main game rules, army book, and kill team book).

We’ve played two games to learn the rules so far. The last game took less than two hours. Some say it’s playable in 1 once you really get the hang of it.

So if anyone wants to do some fighting in the grim dark future... let us know. I have three (or 4) different armies I’ve pulled out of storage to pull kill teams from. Brendan has about the same. So we have plenty to share.
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