!st Session

The Dwarven Imperative.
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!st Session

Post by EvilGenius »

Okay guys, I think last night went pretty well. But it's been a while since I've been behind the Shield, and there are a few things that I can think of that I can improve.

I think there were a few times that I could have moved things along a bit more quickly, like when they party was tracking and a few times during combat. I apologize if anyone felt a little left out while they were waiting for something to happen.

I think the leveled up orcs worked pretty well (except that they couldn't hit Corey or George or Nate), what do you guys think? Believable? Interesting? Challenging?

Any feedback? Things you weren't fond of? Things that could have gone better?
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Post by Hardcorhobbs »

It was good fun. I look forward to more adventures. The orcs were awsome. Keep them comming. And they aren't supposed to hit me. As for the other guys... you'll have to get better dice. :wink:

I think last night had a bit of a slow start due to some character creation, first time playing characters, and other first session stuff... we'll speed it up in the future!
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Post by erilar »

Yeah, if there were any delays they were 90% on our part! I simply didn't have enough time to get my char ready, and Cory was in the same boat. Arcane casters are a ton of work to create. We're all ready to go now though, so was a 1-time thing.

The tracking session - I didn't think it was bad. Gave me the sensation that we were searching around for them. Took a while, but you gave interesting descriptions as to what Hyderick found and such - not bad.
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Post by T1Mirage »

I totally enjoyed the game. You had great descriptions - I truly liked the hold that we entered. The description was vivid enough for me that I could see my character walking down the halls. To me, that's a level of DMing which goes forgotten, a reminder for me as a DM on to get better at these things as well.

The tracking was good. It was more than the simple "I track them". It was giving clues and possibilities of "what's around the next corner". I will admit I do generally get bored in games where this happens, however I was interested enough in what you were telling Nate.

As the party becomes more familar with each others characters, I think it will become more interesting.

For the combat, I think it was well laid out and organized. The terrain was used very well. I very much wanted to run over the hill into those orcs that I could see on the board - but not know about in character. Perhaps as we encounter different orcs, they will implement other tactics against the party. Special attacks (touch attacks), more terrain features (pits, loose ground, etc.), and other such things. Naturally, 'hostage' situations increase the difficulty level - it's not about hitting the party at that point.

As for the high armor classes, a knight is generally the tank from the aspect of high armor. I am at a 26 with a possible bump to 31, which I don't think is too bad. If I drop the shield to use the greatsword, my AC becomes a 21. I'm still within striking range. Plus, I have a limited move which was my choice. I couldn't quite see a paladin of Heironeous putting on a pair of magic "Nike-ez" to move faster. Honestly, I think a big part of the combat was attacking the knight (actually the wizard as well)- therefore a lot of misses. I wouldn't change anything yet until the whole party gets into more combats.

Good game though and I liked the villian. I was hoping he would get away.
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Post by Jonkga »

Guys, sounds like another great session. Sorry I missed it. :)
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