Rencore's Plea

The Dwarven Imperative.
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Rencore's Plea

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"I fear not the spiked fist of Hextor or his cowardly barbed arrows. I do however fear that which I can not see to fight in a place where I can not prepare."

Looking down and reflecting back insightfully, "We nearly lost our lives this day to a deadly trap. We need not revisit those moments. Our equipment is damaged and we do not have the adaquate skills or spell."

"We need equipment to replace that which has been damaged, magic to replace that which has been spent, and possibly someone with the skills to help us."
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"I an' I agree, warria. We be needin' rest, an' once we return, we need to proceed wit' more caution. Seein' as we can teleport back to de' stronghold, perhaps dat may be a good time to report our findin's an' see exactly wat de' dwarves wan us to do next?"
"This enemy you cannot kill. You can only drive it back damaged into the depths, and teach your children to watch the waves for its return." - Quellcrist Falconer
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"Aye canna believe me ears..." ... =8462#8462

- Kull
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