Battletech Campaign: Equipment

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Battletech Campaign: Equipment

Post by Lars Porsenna »

The following equipment does not exist in the Battletech setting, so is barred from the campaign:

(Core): Core rulebook
(GaW): Galaxy at War
(GoI): Galaxy of Intrigue
(LECG): Legacy Era Campaign Guide
(RECG): Rebellion Era Campaign Guide
(KOTOR): Knights of the Old Republic Campaign guide
(CWCG): Clone Wars Campaign Guide
(S&V): Scum & Villainy
(FUCG): Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

Force Pike (Core)
Electro Staff (Core)
Amphistaff (Core)
AtlAtl (Core)
Cesta (Core)
Lightsabers (all) (all)
Static Pike (GaW)
Darkstick (GaW)
Fire Blade (GaW)
Vibrolance (GaW)
Xerrol Nightsinger (GoI)
Shock Whip (LECG)
Tehk'la Blade (LECG)
Energy Lance (RECG)
Power Lance (RECG)
Gafferdi (RECG)
Shock Staff (KOTOR)
Shyarn (KOTOR)
Fira (KOTOR)
Arg'garok (KOTOR)
Power Hammer (FUCG)
Felucian Skullblade (FUCG)
Rykk Blade (FUCG)

Bowcaster (Core)
Ion Pistol (Core)
Ion Rifle (Core)
Energy Ball (Core)
Grenade, ion (Core)
Thermal Detonator (Core)
Rotary Blaster Cannon (GaW)
Tactical Tractor Beam (GaW)
Ascension Gun (GaW)
Grenade, radiation (GaW)
Ion Mine (GaW)
Razor Bug (LECG)
Thud Bug (LECG)
Mini-proton torpedo launcher (RECG)
Aurial Blaster (KOTOR)
Lanvarok, sith (KOTOR)
Lamvarok, Massassi (KOTOR)
Carbonite rifle (KOTOR)
pulse-wave pistol (KOTOR)
ripper (KOTOR)
sonic disruptor (KOTOR)
sonic pistol (KOTOR)
heavy sonic pistol (KOTOR)
ion carbine (KOTOR)
pulse-wave rifle (KOTOR)
sonic rifle (KOTOR)
Cryoban grenade (KOTOR)
Wrist Rocket Launcher (CWCG)
EMP Grenade (CWCG)
Deck Sweeper (S&V)
Electronet (S&V)
Pulse rifle (S&V)
Incinerator Rifle (FUCG)

Vonduun Crabshell (Core)
Stormtrooper Armor (Core)
Corellian Powersuit (Core)
Battle Armor (Core)
Battle Armor, heavy (Core)
Barabel Microbe Armor (GaW)
Katarn-class Commando armor (GaW)
Stalker armor (GaW)
Shield Gauntlet
Energy shields (all) (KOTOR)
Battle Armor (all)
Beskar'gam (all) (S&V)
Scout Armor (S&V)
Personal Armor (S&V)
Combat armor (S&V)

Credit chip (Core)
Bacta Tank (Core)
Bacta (Core)
Plasma Bridge (GaW)
Droid Diagnostic (GaW)
Redirection Crystal (GoI)
Shield Cage (GoI)
Biotecch Tool Kit (LECG)
Bio-Implants (all) (LECG)
Implants (all)
Bioscanner (CWCG)
Visual Wrist Comm (CWCG)
Repulsor pad (FUCG)

Other notes: The Battletech setting is completely lacking in robots or droids of the style found in Star Wars. Thus they are not included for setting purposes.

Most of the vehicles and starships are replaced with their battletech equivalents, thus they too are not included. The battletech setting largely lacks things like anti-gravity technology, repulsors, or artificial gravity not generated through the acceleration method. So while it might be possible to "adapt" and argue for a specific vehicle or piece of equipment, keep in mind it must meet these principles

Biotech and cyberware while not unknown in the setting is also incredibly rare, and unknown by the vast majority of citizens. The Battletech setting rejects the ideas of trans-humanism, so bio-modification or cyberdization is not practiced and virtually unknown (save the latter of course, which includes prosthesis replacement for injuries). In general, the civilizations of the Battletech setting are much more culturally conservative than we are now.

Also all blaster type weapons lack the Stun function. In battletech, these weapons are very much laser weapons, and the technology does not exist for a "stun" setting.

I plan on making a master equipment list (in excel format), and may nerf a few more blaster weapons (laser tech in battletech in some ways lags far behind the SW setting -- a blaster rifle often has it's energy source in the form of a backpack). Also, most laser small arms are of the semi-auto variant, with a small number of pulse lasers that have a machine gun effect. Finally, laser based small arms are much more rare (and expensive) compared to the common and ubiquitous slug throwers.

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Lars Porsenna
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Re: Battletech Campaign: Equipment

Post by Lars Porsenna »

The Master equipment list is around halfway done. Have basic melee, advanced melee, and ranged weapons up to lasers done. Still need to convert pulse laser small arms, needlers and gyrojets. For the former I'm thinking slug thrower damage but with an armor bypass feature, and the latter would work like the scatter gun, but in reverse (point blank would have mediocre damage, but longer range would have good damage). WIll also have to figure out how to implement guided gyrojet rounds(!)...

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Re: Battletech Campaign: Equipment

Post by NukeHavoc »

You may also want to take a look at the d20 Future SRD for d20 Modern:

They break things out by technology level, from near-future to far future, and I suspect there's a lot there you could mine for the campaign.

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