Chapter 29: Kittens and Chitin

Adventures in the early days of Obsidian Bay.
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Chapter 29: Kittens and Chitin

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2x Displacer Beasts: 2100/5 = 420xp each

4x Displacer Kittens taken live by Talthanas

2x Chuul: 2100/5 = 420xp each

1,059 Copper
6,062 Silver
950 Gold
129 Platinum
8 turqoise worth 10 gp each
2 alexandrite worth 500 gp each
jade ring set with small gemstones worth 250gp
ivory war mask worth 750gp- Burgell
Warning Dagger is lightweight and decorated with stylized leaves and flowers, and whispers warnings to you, granting +2 to Initiative and Perception checks to avoid surprise. Requires attunement- Finn
Cloak of Displacement- Odothar

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