Chapter 41: Back to the Bay

Adventures in the early days of Obsidian Bay.
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Chapter 41: Back to the Bay

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Saga posted: ... to_the_Bay


Burgell Nackle: 2,000 xp
Darogan Ferventfire: 2,000 xp
Finn Underbow: 2,000 xp
Hawkwind: 2,000 xp
Jack Greymane: 2,000 xp
Rinnadar Tinugelydh: 2,000 xp


* 270 Silver
* 3070 Gold

Magic items
* A javelin of Lightning

* 7 wheel(s) of cheese (7 gp)
* Two harpoons (oversized)
* 500 feet of light rope
* An exceedingly large and sturdy net (60 feet diameter) reinforced with metal strands.
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