Pathfinder 2nd Edition on Humble Bundle

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Pathfinder 2nd Edition on Humble Bundle

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Pathfinder Second Edition has its own Humble Bundle; back at the $30 level and you get a print copy of the core rule book: ... -inc-books

While we don't play Pathfinder these days, I backed it out of nostalgia for Paizo and all the former Greyhawk folks who worked there. Plus, I'm interested in how they introduced ancestry as a replacement for races/species and generally evolved the 3.x rules base.

The humble bundle also includes a bunch of Paizo's Flipmats as PDFs, which can easily be turned into online battle maps. Given how much we're playing online, that's a good resource to have :) And there's a bunch of other content too (including the PDF of the Bestiary ... and I do love my monster books :))
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